A must know about von Willebrand Disease

While most people know of the congenital bleeding Hemophilia disorder, a little of the population are not aware of another type of blood clotting disorder called von Willebrand Disease (VWD). It is a disease which an individual should be conscious and concerned about as hemophilia disease may affect one person out of 10,000 whereas VWD can seriously afflict one individual or more from 100 persons of mixed genders. Such disease is oftentimes caused by severe nose bleeding, easy bruising, gum bleeding, and for female’s overflowing menstruation.

Certainly most people are not aware that they have the disease because it is usually unrecognized or sometimes they ignore it and consider it as normal especially when a parent or a part of their immediate family likewise suffering from the same kind of bleeding. However, a continuous disregard in diagnosis of VWD causing an excessive menstrual period can lead to procedures and tests that are intensively not necessary as those procedures may not be the treatment or solution to the problem.
In this kind of disease, a person having it may either have a low levels of protein in his blood or may have sufficient proteins in the body yet it does not works properly as it expected to be. The protein is what we refer it as von Willebrand factor which certainly assists the clotting of the blood.

Von Willebrand disease is hereditary like hemophilia. Generally, if one of the vessels of our blood are wounded or injured, there is bleeding. Hence platelets or small blood cell fragments clumps jointly to block the hole in the blood vessel in order to cease the bleeding. And so, von Willebrand factor then would serve as a glue so that the platelets would not clump instead it stick to form a clotting of the blood.

VMD has 3 types from mild to serious. Therefore, it is important that when excessive bleeding exists, immediate or early diagnosis and treatment can save you.