A Silent Killer: The Danger of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol level is an enormous factor of heart disease. Having a high level of cholesterol can increase one’s risk of developing a heart disease, strokes or heart attacks, which are known to be the top causes of death in the world. For some, they are unaware of the symptoms whereas the others don’t find it as threatening and take it for granted. Most often, people ignore that they have high level of the bad type cholesterol and it is not a good thing.
Indeed, a person won’t be really aware that his cholesterol level is high not until he had a stroke or heart attack because symptoms do not manifests. Thus, one could only determine that his cholesterol level is high when he takes a blood test. Even when symptoms are not apparent, bad type cholesterol is a condition which one has to take seriously as it is very dangerous and deadly.

We always hear the word cholesterol, but do we actually know it and how it can be risky to our health? In every cell in our body, there are fatty substances that are present which is called cholesterol. While only a small amount of fatty substances in the body comes from the food we eat, most of the cholesterol is made up from saturated fats in the liver. It may be true that fats can be a cause of high cholesterol, but the body needs some fats because it is a source of vitamins and energy. Normally, an ideal cholesterol level is 200 mg/dl and below, thus, anything above 240 mg/dl is considered high.

So, what type of fats in our foods should we avoid?

Saturated fats come from dairy foods, meat and butter, once you want to reduce the level of cholesterol in the liver, eat less saturated fat. On one hand, unsaturated fats is the type of fats that is good for the body such as green leafy vegetables, fish oil, olive oil, salmon, mackerel, tuna, and others. Trans fats is another type which is harmful because they are solid fats and may result to increase bad cholesterol present in pastries, cakes, cookies, etcetera.

Having high cholesterol is obviously a critical condition. It is best to check your cholesterol levels regularly as possible and save yourself from developing a heart disease.