Anemia and Eating Disorders

A new research has found that there might be an association between poor eating and the presence of anemia in elder women. Anemia is the condition where there aren’t enough red blood cells or in some other cases, where the amount of aggregation of hemoglobin is under the normal levels. It is of high importance to get anemia treated once it appears because if it’s not then it might induce the lack of oxygen

The leading researchers stated that not consuming enough nutrients is critical to the prevention of anemia and if a person has poor eating habits then the risks of developing the condition are a lot higher. Part of the study showed that when it came to elder women who took vitamins there was still risk of anemia if they didn’t watch their eating habits. Physicians encourage elder people to watch their health closely since there were higher chances of death if they developed anemia.

The scientists examined the figures and data obtained from the study that comprised 72,833 elder women. It was discovered that if an elder woman doesn’t consume one nutrient than the chances of developing anemia rise to 21 percent and in some cases it might be higher than that. If they were not consuming up to three different nutrients, then the risk could climb up to 41 percent.

They also determined that the nutrients that were mostly overlooked by the group were vitamin C, red meat, energy, vitamin B12, and proteins. The analysis obtained was based on 9 years of information.

The scientists that ran the research stated that more testing is needed in order to be more certain of the measures that ought to be taken in order to improve the eating habits in women. An important fact that should not be overlooked is the fact that elder women go through menopause and therefore a closer look should be taken.