New Healthcare Devices

Gadgets are everywhere. Some of us believe that such a big load of electronic gadgets is harmful for human’s health, but it seems disputable. A couple of points in support of gadgets: there are some nice things used by sportsmen and gym-goers. For example, watches that count your heart rate or devices that work with your smartphone and store your vital signs for further consideration and tracking. Some gadgets can measure your movements and activities, your speed, jump height, etc. Not to mention, each person can face a situation when medical aid is needed. It may happen anywhere and anytime, when you are at home or traveling or just walking along the street. You may feel bad, especially if you are not so young or have chronic diseases. A hospital can be far away, but there are some simple medical devices showing your current health status, like a blood pressure monitor. It is worth keeping at hand; probably, it will save your life someday. Commonly, there are plenty of modern gadgets for health and fitness or just for pleasure, like underwater music players.

A wide range of healthcare devices is offered by retailers, including blood pressure monitors, watches with heart rate monitor, bluetooth personal safety alarms and emergency sirens, so you can select the necessary thing which fits you best by its functions or appearance. Anyway, you can learn more about all these devices including those you probably have never heard about…

High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy: Healthy mom, healthy baby

It is very difficult when you are carrying a baby in your womb at the same time when your blood pressure is also high. Not only will the mother worry with this kind of condition, hence regardless of when the high blood pressure developed either prior or after the pregnancy – it should not be ignored of.
Definitely, high blood pressure poses several risk factors during pregnancy. These include:

– Reduced flowing of the blood to the placenta, which leads to the reduction of oxygen supply in the baby, thus resulting to the abnormal or irregular growth development of the baby as well as a high risk in low birth weight.

– Abruption of the placenta. This condition means that the lining of the placenta has already separated from the mother’s uterus. Hence, such condition is threatening as it deprives the unborn of nutrients and oxygen as well as causing the mother to bleed heavily.

– Delivery can be premature. It is even better to have an early delivery than a feasible threat to the life of the unborn and the mother as well as with potential complications.

– Eventual cardiovascular disease. After the 20 weeks of pregnancy, a serious condition referred as preeclampsia which is characterized by protein in the urine and high blood pressure, can increase risk factor of cardiovascular disease even though the blood pressure can return to normal after giving birth.

Usually, high blood pressure occurs even prior to pregnancy, while in some instances it is present during the pregnancy which may be chronic and gestational hypertension and preeclampsia. Those are the three types of hypertension which can occur during pregnancy.

It is certainly very important to take special and extraordinary precaution with respect to hypertension to pregnant women as it can danger both herself and the unborn baby. That is why treatment and medication is paramount. However, some medications are not safe for the mother during pregnancy. Though some medications can be safe and others should be avoided like rennin inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, and ACE inhibitors.

Chemicals From Ski Wax Hazardous to Blood

A novel investigation performed by the Osaka University in Japan discovered that middle aged men and women can actually lower their levels of blood pressure when they listen to music and have a few laughs.

The investigation was performed with a group of almost 80 people whose ages ranged from 40 to 74. There was also another group that was labeled as the control group which didn’t listen to music.

In order to keep track of the changes in the blood pressure, researchers made sure to take the blood pressure before the session would start. They also encouraged the subjects to start singing so they would get in the happy mood of music. Once they went home they were persuaded to keep on listening to more music.

A yoga technique was implemented in the study which is considered to be the yoga of laughter; it was supported with other relaxing techniques that also helped the subjects breathe easier.

The duration of the study was three months which gave the researchers plenty of time to start analyzing and comparing the results that they were obtaining. They were able to see that the blood pressure levels had successfully decreased in the subjects that were part of the laughter group. These results were compared to those obtained from the control group – which didn’t listen to music – which presented no change in their blood pressure levels.

Although the results of this study brings joy the researchers have stated that further testing is needed in order to prove that the results will last for the long term. They added that even though this is preliminary, all people starting from the age of 40 should make it a point to start listening to music more often because at the end it will do more good and no harm.


Most tribal societies, but also some communist countries (e.g. China) and the United States,[29][30] provide no guarantee of health care for the population as a whole. In such societies, health care is available to those that can afford to pay for it or have self insured it (either directly or as part of an employment contract) or who may be covered by care financed by the government or tribe directly.