Chemicals From Ski Wax Hazardous to Blood

A new research has found evidence that the wax used in the manufacturing of ski equipment can be hazardous to its users; they might be exposed to perfluorochemicals which then gets accumulated in the body. These chemicals commonly known as PCFs can affect the health of a person by endangering them to suffer from liver diseases and cancer just to name a few.

The wax is coveted especially by those skiers that race since it helps them go faster yet they are not aware that the wax can be jeopardizing their good health. During racing season, skiers might be constantly using the wax every week.

The studies showed that actual technicians that worked with wax for the World Cup teams presented elevated perfluorochemicals levels in their blood. In addition it is suspected that these same technicians are going through what is known as biotransformation; this means that perhaps their bodies are generating other chemicals such as PFOA and PFNA.

Researchers have stated that they were already aware of biotransformation in animals but now this study suggests that it can happen in the human body as well.

When the manufacturers of skis are applying the wax they usually iron the area and then scrape it; this process creates dust and fumes. All of these particles are breathed in by the manufacturers which work about 30 hours every week.

An interesting fact is that the companies that make the waxes tend to keep the formulas private due to the fear of somebody else stealing them. In some areas the manufacturers have access to a ventilated area of work but it is said that most manufacturers around the world have to work in closed spaces making matters worse for them.

Another concern regarding the wax is that it is left lying around in the snow where the skiers race and the impact that it might have on the environment is yet to be studied.